Brother Se600 vs Brother Pe800 – A Comparison

Brother Se600 vs Brother Pe800: Are you interested in learning more about embroidery? Two well-liked options, the Brother SE600 and PE800, both promise to take your imagination to new heights.

Machine Type: Sewing And Embroidery
Built-in Sewing Stitches: 103
Max. Working Size: 4″ x 4″ Hoop
Included Designs: 80 Designs

Machine Type: Computerized Embroidery
Built-in Sewing Stitches: 0
Max. Working Size: 5″ x 7″ Hoop
Included Designs: 138 Designs with 11 Fonts

 In this quick analysis, we’ll compare and contrast these two incredible machines so you can make an educated selection for your embroidery projects. Come on, then; let’s get started.

A brief overview of the key similarities and differences.

Both the Brother SE600 and the Brother PE800 are widely regarded as two of the best embroidery machines available. The SE600’s automated needle threader is an improvement over the PE800’s advanced needle threader. The quality of your embroidered work may be greatly improved by paying attention to these details.

An LCD screen for menu navigation, a USB connector for importing designs, and simple buttons like start and stop are just a few of the many remarkable features shared by the Brother PE800 and Brother SE600. These similarities improve the embroidery process as a whole.

The Brother SE600 is an excellent option if you’re shopping for an affordable embroidery machine. Although the Brother PE800 is more expensive, it does not offer significantly more than the SE600.

The Brother SE600 has 80 distinct designs available for use with the machine’s built-in embroidery capabilities, while the Brother PE800 expands on that with 138 patterns. This variation provides more room for experimentation and the expression of individuality.

The Brother PE800 stands out as the more transportable alternative due to its lower weight of 17.64 pounds. However, at 26.2 pounds, the Brother SE600 is somewhat heavier. Depending on how important convenience and mobility are to you, this weight difference may play a role in your selection.

The Brother SE600 allows you to pick from six different typefaces for embroidery. In contrast, the Brother PE800 has eleven different typefaces to choose from, giving you greater leeway when creating one-of-a-kind artwork.

The Brother SE600 has received more than 4,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. The fact that 82% of reviewers give the product a perfect score of 5 stars speaks volumes about how well it performs. Even though the Brother PE800 also receives high marks, the SE600 is the clear winner.

The Brother SE600 differs from the Brother PE800 in that it is a multifunctional machine that incorporates both a sewing machine and an embroidery machine into a single unit. The PE800, on the other hand, is dedicated entirely to its intended use as an embroidery machine.

The Brother PE800 is superior to the Brother SE600 due to its larger maximum work size of 5″x7″. The SE600, in comparison, has a somewhat reduced maximum work size, accepting just 4″x4″ hoops. Because of this disparity, the size and proportions of your needlework projects may need to be adjusted.

The Brother SE600 has 103 preprogrammed stitches, which is far more than the Brother PE800’s meager selection of 19. The SE600’s extensive stitch selection allows you to customize your stitching with a broad range of beautiful and detailed designs.

Brother Se600 vs Brother Pe800
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon
Machine TypeSewing & EmbroideryComputerized Embroidery
Auto-Size Buttonholes10
Included Designs 80 Designs138 Designs with 11 Fonts
Built-In Sewing Stitches103
Built In Fonts (D)6 Fonts11 Fonts
Embroidery Designs (D)80 Built-In Embroidery Designs138 Built-In Embroidery Designs
Max. Working Size (D)4″ x 4″ Hoop5″ x 7″ Hoop
Needle Threader (D)Automatic Needle ThreaderAdvanced Needle Threader
USB Port
Start And Stop Button
Touch Screen
Power SourceCorded ElectricCorded Electric
Item Weight26.2 Pounds17.64 Pounds
Screen3.2″ LCD Touchscreen Display3.2″ LCD Touchscreen Display
Warranty1/2/25 Year Limited Warranty1/2/25 Year Limited Warranty
Product Dimensions21.18 x 15.51 x 16.54 Inches17.48 x 9.48 x 11.81 Inches
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Brother Se600 vs Brother Pe800: Reddit Answers

1. When the PE800 was originally launched two years ago, I purchased it for less than $600. Therefore, the $1,000+ price constitutes price gouging. The PE800 is a dedicated embroidery machine with a 5×7 hoop. A sewing/embroidery machine with 4×4 hoops and presumably a few pre-loaded designs is called the SE 600. I began with a 4×4 and outgrew it after a year. I then purchased a PE800 and outgrew that machine the following year, at which point I upgraded to a multi-needle machine. Look for a used one on Facebook Marketplace.


2. What still functions? The PE800 equipment? Recently, the costs have decreased, and I’ve seen various models on Amazon. Additionally, people constantly sell their machines when they improve or realize embroidery isn’t for them. Facebook groups for needlework should be checked out. These communities are quite active, with daily queries and answers of various types. In some communities, people also upload pictures of their projects.