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Philips Sonicare Expertclean 7500 vs Philips Sonicare Diamondclean: Philips Sonicare is well-known for producing cutting-edge electric toothbrushes and other dental care products. The ExpertClean 7500 and the DiamondClean are two widely used versions that are frequently compared for their better features and operation. Come along as we break down the main distinctions so you can choose the ideal Sonicare toothbrush for your daily oral care regimen.


Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500, Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush
  • Bluetooth
  • 3 Intensity Levels: YES – Low, Medium, High
  • Travel Case: YES
Philips Sonicare DiamondClean Smart 9300 Rechargeable Electric Power Toothbrush
  • Brushing Modes: 4 Modes 1: Clean 2: White 3: Gum Health 4: DeepClean.
  • 3 intensity levels: YES – Low, Medium, High
  • Rechargeable: YES
Philips Sonicare Expertclean 7500 vs Diamondclean

A brief overview of the key similarities and differences.


The Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 and the Sonicare DiamondClean are two of the most popular dental care items on Amazon and are widely recognized as among the best available. These two electric toothbrushes have become incredibly popular due to their superior cleaning power and cutting-edge functions, as seen by their numerous 5-star evaluations and ratings.


When compared to the DiamondClean model, the Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 is a more cost-effective solution. The ExpertClean 7500 strikes a good balance between price and value for individuals looking for a budget-friendly answer to their dental care needs, yet both toothbrushes feature remarkable cleaning powers and unique technology.

X-Times More Effetive:

Both the Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 and Sonicare DiamondClean are superior to manual toothbrushes in terms of plaque removal, with the former being up to 10 times more effective. In addition, all of these high-tech electric toothbrushes have one thing in common: Bluetooth connectivity, which lets people monitor and enhance their brushing routines with the help of cutting-edge mobile apps.


Both the Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 and the Sonicare DiamondClean have four settings, allowing for a wide range of use cases. The White setting is rated highest since it is optimized to remove stains. The Gum Health, Clean, and DeepClean settings that follow it ensure thorough, individualized dental hygiene.

Intensity Levels:

The Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 and DiamondClean each include three intensity levels—low, medium, and high—to accommodate a wide range of users’ preferred levels of vigor while brushing. By doing so, users may tailor their brushing experience to meet their own sensitivity needs and dental hygiene goals.

Both Are Battery-Operated:

Both the Philips Sonicare ExpertClean 7500 and DiamondClean are battery-operated for consistent performance. These electric toothbrushes require frequent recharging to maintain their effectiveness. Recharging the batteries allows consumers to continue using their Sonicare devices without interruption for dental care.

Philips Sonicare Expertclean 7500 vs Philips Sonicare Diamondclean
Philips Sonicare Expertclean 7500Philips Sonicare Diamondclean
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon
BrandPhilips SonicarePhilips Sonicare
Power SourceBattery PoweredBattery Powered
Item Dimensions LxWxH3.07 x 6.81 x 9.41 Inches4.37 x 6.85 x 9.92 Inches
What’s in The Box (D)Includes: Philips Sonicare Handle, 1 Charging Travel Case, 1 Charger, 1 Premium Plaque Control Brush Head, 1 Premium Gum Health Brush Head Includes: 1 Connected Sonicare Toothbrush Handle with 4 Modes; 1 Premium Plaque Control Brush Head; 1 Premium White Brush Head; 1 Premium Gum Health Brush Head; 1 Charging Glass; 1 Travel Case; 1 Charging Base
Travel CaseYesYes
WEIGHT1.08 Pounds2.29 Pounds
Brushing Modes4 Modes 1: Clean 2: White 3: Gum Health 4: DeepClean.4 Modes 1: Clean 2: White 3: Gum Health 4: DeepClean.
3 Intensity Levels YES – Low, Medium, HighYES – Low, Medium, High
Most Popular Questions About: Philips Sonicare Expertclean 7500 vs Philips Sonicare Diamondclean

What is the difference between Sonicare and DiamondClean?

In comparison to the Philips Sonicare Flexcare, DiamondClean Smart offers two extra cleaning options. As long as they have the common "clean" mode, which both electric toothbrushes have, the number of cleaning modes is unimportant. There is a Tongue Clean mode on the DiamondClean Smart, which is truly helpful.

Why is my Philips Sonicare DiamondClean not as powerful?

Switch out the brush head. The brush head on your toothbrush can possibly be worn out. Every three months, we advise replacing your brush head. New brush heads are available in our online store. Go to the following step if you just changed your brush head.

How do I change the intensity on my Sonicare 7500?

The brush head you attach will determine the intensity automatically. By clicking the mode/intensity button while brushing, you may modify the intensity. If the handle is paused or turned off, this functionality cannot be changed.

Can I boil Sonicare toothbrush head?

Factors to Take into Account Before You Begin While some sites advise using a UV sanitizing light, boiling your toothbrush in water, and putting it in the dishwasher, these techniques can harm the bristles or the entire brush. It's also not advised to sterilize a toothbrush in the microwave.

Does Philips Sonicare stop after 2 minutes?

Basically, you should brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, giving each quadrant of your mouth 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds or so, there is an audible cue (Quadpacer), and the toothbrush really shuts off on its own after 2 minutes.

How long do Sonicare heads last?

If you brush twice a day normally for three months, you should replace your Philips Sonicare brush head when the blue indication bristles start to fray.

Why does my Sonicare toothbrush smell?

The Smell Is there. If your toothbrush has a bad odor, it is probably full of germs that might be bad for your overall and oral health. Since this bacterium enters your mouth every time you brush, your toothbrush won't be able to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

Is Sonicare toothbrush bad for gums?

Your teeth won't be harmed by using an electric toothbrush, but using one incorrectly might cause irritation, gum recession, and tooth damage.
Philips Sonicare Expertclean 7500 vs Philips Sonicare Diamondclean Reddit Answers

1. I now possess a broken diamond. I abhor it. Ignorant is the charging glass. And after roughly two years, it stopped operating for whatever reason. I returned to Oral-B.

expert outcomes. In my opinion, they were essentially the same, with the exception that Diamonclean had applications that linked with it, and Expert Results was simply the brush without the frills but accomplished the same thing.