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T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson: T3 Hair Dryer and Dyson are at loggerheads in the field of hair care. These two heavy hitters have state-of-the-art specs and design elements. In this article, we’ll compare the T3 Hair Dryer to the Dyson, breaking down their essential features so you can decide which one is best for you.

T3 Micro T3 Fit Ionic Compact Hair Dryer
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T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson

A brief overview of the key similarities and differences.

Customer Favorite: The T3 Hair Dryer is the clear winner when compared to the Dyson in terms of customer preference on Amazon. Its fame spread rapidly, attracting the interest of many buyers.

Expensive/Cheap: In comparison to the prohibitively expensive Dyson, the T3 hair dryer is a more reasonable alternative. The T3’s low price tag makes it appealing to those looking for a high-quality hair dryer without breaking the bank.


Different Heat Settings: The T3 hair dryer has three different heat settings, making it suitable for a wide range of hair types and styles. The Dyson hair dryer has four heat settings, but any choice may be adjusted to the perfect temperature for each type of hair.

Speeds Settings: The T3 hair dryer is equipped with two speeds, allowing you to adjust the strength of the airflow to your liking. The Dyson hair dryer, on the other hand, ups the ante by providing customers with three different speed settings to help them dry their hair quickly, efficiently, and precisely.

Weight/Pounds: The T3 hair dryer is a durable yet portable solution for styling, coming in at just 2.05 pounds. On the other hand, at only 1.44 pounds, the Dyson hair dryer is incredibly portable and won’t weigh you down, even after hours of usage.

Size/Dimension: The T3 hair dryer is portable and easy to store or take with you thanks to its small size (10.4 x 2.9 x 5.7 inches). The Dyson hair dryer, on the other hand, measures in at just 3.82 x 3.07 x 9.65 inches, creating a slim and lightweight design that’s a breeze to carry about.

T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson
T3 Hair DryerDyson Hair Dryer
Buy on AmazonBuy on Amazon
Brand T3 MicroDyson
ColorWhite/Rose GoldPink
Heat Settings (D)34
Speed Settings (D)23
Power Source Corded Electric Corded Electric
Recommended Uses For ProductDrying,SmootheningDrying,Smoothening
Dimensions10.4 x 2.9 x 5.7 Inches3.82 x 3.07 x 9.65 Inches
Item Weight2.05 Pounds1.44 Pounds
Most Popular Questions About T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson

Is T3 better than Dyson?

The T3's barrel is thicker and heavier since that's where the fan and heater are located. Because the Dyson contains components in both the handle and the barrel, the weight is distributed more evenly. Both are perfectly weighted and contoured to my hand.

What is so special about the T3 hair dryer?

The T3 Cura hair dryer facilitates quick, simple, and wholesome blowouts in the comfort of one's own home. The T3 Digital IonAir Technology that powers this professional dryer creates an ion-rich airstream that is both delicate and effective, always leaving hair looking silky and shining.

Does T3 flat iron turn off by itself?

Yes, after about an hour of non-use, this flat iron shuts off automatically.

Is Dyson better than a normal hair dryer?

Regardless of your hair type, it will dry your hair faster, smoother, and shiner than ever before, but whether or not that matters to you is a personal decision. The Dyson hair dryer is a game-changer for anyone who has trouble managing their own hairstyle because of its thickness, curliness, or both.

Is T3 hair dryer good for fine hair?

The T3 Cura Luxe is our top selection for fine hair. This award-winning hairdryer features digitally regulated heat settings, two speeds, and a volume boost function, making it ideal for fine hair.

Are T3 hair dryers quiet?

The T3 AireLuxe has a decibel rating of 74. This stylish, award-winning silent dryer is one of the best in its class. You may choose between two different speeds, five different heat levels, and a cool shot button. Even at maximum power, the appliance maintains a low profile.

Why is Dyson so expensive?

Dyson spent $3.5 billion on R&D in the 2000s. You'd be rather naive to assume that this explains the high prices of their products. A hub for their 1,200 workers, complete with 22 labs, prototyping space, and collaborative work places, was the primary motivation for this expenditure.

How many watts is a t3 dryer?

It has a weight of 16 ounces. Total power consumption is 1875W. 125 volts.
T3 Hair Dryer vs Dyson Reddit Answers

1. My Dyson hairdryer is without a doubt the finest beauty purchase I’ve ever made, if someone were to ask me.


2. I’ve put off getting a Dyson for far too long since my hair is stupidly thick and curly. My chin-length hair dries completely in 12 minutes. I want it so much.


3. My hair was usually frizzy and lackluster when I used my old diffuser (black orchid) and dryer (rust). I can dry without ruining the curls thanks to the Dyson diffuser’s smaller cup.